BERT vs MegaBlog vs

What a fantastic couple of weeks it has been for innovation and growth within the HR blogging arena!

First mover advantage must go to Jason Davis over at for his scrolling list of recent blog posts!

Next we have MegaBlog, as mentioned in last night’s links! Just exchanged emails with Pierce Murphy about this, it seems to be coming from Thompson, the information guys, fantastic.

And now, but not least, BERT The Electronic Recruiting News!

Who will win? Everyone! Site hosts, bloggers, readers and most importantly the overall HR industry. Now the open invite.

If you have not already grabbed the HR OPML file do so now! I hope to find sometime very soon to update it with all the new blogs I have found in the last few weeks. If you are putting together a service like the ones above and want to use the file do so, just apply credit where required. You might want to look at pointing your service directly at the OPML file and that way when there are updates you get the new HR Blogs automatically and we all benefit. If you have a blog that is not listed, let me know and I will add it.

Updated: Got the URL wrong for the HR Megablog, that will teach me for blogging before 7am!

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the mention. Bye the way, the url link to in your post is mispelled. Happens all the time



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