Something that is not from BlogTalk Downunder this morning, well kind of not.

I was reading The Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s news item on mlearning in Australia. Some really interesting idea and statistics covered, such as in 2002 72% of Australian households had a mobile phone, and it is now estiamted to be well over 80%. With the convergence of phone, PDA and MP3 player, like Microsoft Windows Mobile V5, things are going to get very exciting on this front. However one of the things we are going to have to get over is the carriers pushing just a passive entertainment platform, a topic also covered at BlogTalk Downunder.

In fact Mick Stanic (The Podcast Network) quite rightly said yesterday that he felt that the iPod was at the top of it’s curve. From his perspective while it is great to have 24 million iPods, China is going to have something like 90 million audio capabile phones. For mLearning this is really exciting, as content producers and application developers start to move in this direction options for learning open up.

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