Corporate Blogging and recruitment has a great post on how Corporate Blogging is a conversation, and not just a PR activitiy to create ‘spin’.

They list a great summary of the types of blogs companies should look at:-
Companies. You need a blog. Not a corporate blog, and not one.
You need: Passionate employee blogs.
You need: Job Blogs
You need: A job applicant process blog
You need: A vendor blog
You need: CEO Blog

One thought on “Corporate Blogging and recruitment

  1. Thank you very much for the link.

    I’ve found it difficult to breal through the traditional idea that blogs are just unaccountable cybercitizens trashing their companies – there’s a good list of other opportunities in Hugh Hewitt’s book, BLOG.

    Imagine a movie producer, a publishing house, an electronics store, or a restaurant blogging about their experiences, and becoming the portal for their topic of interest.

    Brave New World out there for the bold.

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