Employee hours

One of Dub’s latests post about time and labour (down here it is now not labor 🙂 ) management systems got me thinking and there is another factor to the benefits listed. Health and Safety.

If you industry is anything other than very basic knowledge management work then actual hours worked by you employees is an important but often over looked measure. In any manufacturing, medical, law enforcement or heavy industry the number of hours put in my employees has a direct relationship to injuries. The more hours on site the higher the chances of accident.

Even your average office worker will start to make very silly mistakes once they have been working too many hours. Statistics show that after about 17 hours without sleep your work is a bit like your blood alcohol level was at 0.05, once you hit 20 hours it is something like 0.10 and only goes down hill from there.

Let’s not forget work life balance and the other really bad things that start to happen when employees work too long, unplanned absences turnover etc.

Now going back to technology. Through effective implementation of timekeeping systems you are able to aggregate data and see areas where too many hours are being worked. I know many will think that white collar workers do not want to be tracked or enter their time so how can this be done. Most swipe card security systems will these days provide reports or interfaces that will take data into a data warehouse for further analysis.