2 thoughts on “Podcasting in education

  1. HI Michael, I’m all for podcasting from my teaching perspective(Hospitality – in particular Liquor Studies)…. as a valuable addition to learning tools… we’ll always need some face-to-face interaction.

    Quite excited about doing my first podcast – ‘praps I’ll e-mail you when I’m up and running!.. it’s a while away yet..

    Cheers and keep up your good work..L.Bee

  2. Look forward to the podcast, I am currently thinking about trying one at work for a specific purpose not sure how it will go down.

    On a side note while I was away skiing I was talking with some of the people staying there about podcasts and blogs etc. One of the older guys son (early 20s) is all into podcasts, which I found very good. In fact he was thinking of subscribing to a couple to play at his dental surgery instead of CDs.

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