Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new WordPress blog at my new domain. I have been planning to move to a new domain for many months now and given what is going on at work where I might be without a job soon I thought it was time to get cracking. I have also become very disappointed with Blogger in the last few weeks, mainly around reliability and features, last week was the final straw. I wrote a nice long review of CVOz.com.au only to have Blogger die as I submitted the post, I could not go back (which sometimes saves the post) as Blogger was down.

So on Friday I bought a domain (or two) and in the last three days set up a very basic home for me to migrate to, so welcome. Over the coming weeks I will be added several more things to the specht.com.au domain and undertaking some customising of the WordPress environment (once I have learned what to do).

I have yet to decide if I will move my old posts here from what I have read the process seems easy enough but there are a few gotta’s to watch out for. Right now there is a pointer in all of the old posts to this new site.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home

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  2. Hi Michael
    I would be interested in reading your review of CVOZ. Is this available anywhere?


    Ben White

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