UK blogger sacked (dooced)

From the Guardian in the UK is a story of Joe Gordon being dooced by his employer Waterstone for keeping a blog.

Joe was sacked on 6th Jan a week ago, so far he has been interviewed several times, discussion has raged over in the UK, he has had over 180 comments in the last week on his blog and people seem to be divided over the whole issue. Several people have been writing about the event in their blogs and it has been in Boing Boing, CNET News and many other news sources.

What is interesting is there seems to be some question over if his employer had a online policy, Joe seems to feel none was ever presented to him and if it was he would have ceased his actions.

Bearing in mind there is no specific policy on blogs etc, only a very vague ‘bringing the company into disrepute’ which could be interpreted in any way the company sees fit. I and the union offered to cease if it caused such offence and to accept a warning and suggested a clearer policy be issued to guide other staff in the future, but this was disregarded.

So now it seems that the unions in the UK are getting involved, so things might get very interesting.

I have written several times about this in the last few months, sadly the trend seems to be increasing rather than decreasing, this is the here and here) this week about the issue both of which are very informative.

I guess the best take away from all of the comes from the Sun guidelines, via Blog Your Way (Update 10/Aug/2006 – Blog Your Way does not seem to exist any more), Think About Consequences.

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