Jeremy Wright was fired and other notes on blogs and work

A couple of days ago Jeremy was fired for blogging, over a seemingly simple post, however it was probably more than just this one post as he says himself. The story is quite complex but should be a lesson for us all.

Over the past year or so Jeremy has been very active in the business blogging space, he sold his blog, he auctioned himself on eBay and has now set up a InsideBlogging with Darren Barefoot (another Canadian blogger). A couple of weeks ago he actually resigned from his job, his employer had paid relo and there was a claw back clause in his contract.

This adds to a number of thoughts I have been having over the last week or so about my new job. Going into a large corporate I wonder what the acceptance level will be for my blog. I very rarely talk about work here, I try to keep my posts to industry items and other items that catch my attention. However I do occasional post something. There are two parts to this whole issue. Does the new employer already know about the blog? If so what happens if I don’t mention it and continue, if not what happens if I do mention it? They should know about the blog, but I suspect they do not.

My thoughts here go further what about my extra activities with AHRI? (Which I am having to step down from as the SIG is only in NSW not Victoria but that is not the point.) Now this was on my resume, while it is slightly different the activities on the SIG include sourcing speakers, speaking at events, chairing events and generally being in the public eye over HRIS issues in NSW. Is this different to blogging on the industry, I think yes and no, but it does raise an interesting perspective. I think I will leave my ramblings here, but I DO need to resolve what I do about my blog and my new employer.

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