Internet abuse (shameless advertising)

2004 seemed to be covered with stories of people losing their jobs over what they did on the internet. Whether it was downloading inappropriate content at work, sending inappropriate emails, blogs and other items people all over the placed ended up in the unemployment queues.

To this end the AHRI NSW HRIS SIG (which I am currently on the organising committee for) will be running an even on February 24th for HR professionals to hear from Charles Heunemann the MD of SurfControl in Australia. While IT understand the technology, HR really need to be the people in the organisation developing policy around what is acceptable use and then ensuring that the policy is effectively communicated to their employees. Why? If (at least in Australia) someone is to be fired due to inappropriate usage then you want to make sure there is no call for a wrongfully dismissal suit.

Further on the whole subject has commented on how podcasting enters the mix of potential online issues.

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