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An interview I did late last year for Nett magazine on social networking and recruitment was finally published. Sarah Stokely did a great job getting some many different view points and quotes about social networking in the office. You can read the full article online or just my bits below:

Human resources and recruitment professionals tend to be concerned with productivity and security issues around Facebook rather than viewing it as a recruitment tool.

“Facebook is still seen by many as a place that kids hang out, but this is changing,” says human resources technology and social networking consultant Michael Specht.

“LinkedIn and LinkMe are becoming very popular for agency recruiters, but not so much for corporate recruiters yet.”

However, some agencies are not using these tools very well.

“I often hear of colleagues who have been cold called by a recruiter based on them searching in LinkedIn and know very little about the person they are calling, like they are running their own business or moved out of that particular area of work,” he says.

“Many of these profiles are not kept up to date by people, making their usefulness, without other research, limited.”