links for 2005-06-21

Outfoxed | Personalize your internet. An interesting masters thesis project mapping social relationships found via Slashdot (tags: SocialSoftware SocialNetworks folksonomy firefox) T D Blog: HR lessons learned from Star Wars Press release comparing Star Wars with HR (tags: HRM) ICTlogy ยป The frustrations of online students. Causes and preventative actions PDF’s (not in English)Continue reading “links for 2005-06-21”

links for 2005-06-16

CareerJournal | Consulting — Salary Data and Hiring Trends Article about niche job boards from WSJ (tags: recruitment verticalsearch) George’s Employment Blawg: Vertical Job Search Engines: The Latest Approach to Internet Recruitment: labor/employment law/HR from St. Louis management employment lawyer, HR professor/consultant From George’s Employment Blawg: Vertical Job Search Engines (tags: recruitment verticalsearch) Working Smart:Continue reading “links for 2005-06-16”

links for 2005-06-15 Blogs: Two Main Types Summary of the different type of blogs based on Rebecca Blood’s original essay (tags: Blogs) rebecca blood :: weblogs: a history and perspective (tags: Blogs History) Great Site Ranking in Google The Secrets Out An interesting item on how Google’s new search patent operates, wonder what it has in storeContinue reading “links for 2005-06-15”