Multiple posts and

Sorry for the multiple link posts, just me trying to get my daily links posting. As with many people I come across lots of great links and so I am beginning to play with either publishing a daily listing here or building my very own linkblog.

If I post a daily listing here I will be using the daily post feature of, it took a while for me to get the settings right for WordPress and it seems that WordPress ignores the category setting in For those of you that are interested here are the settings:-

job_name : My WordPress Daily Links
out_name : WordPress User ID (I would recommend a low level say 2 for security’s sake)
out_pass : Password for the above user
out_url : The URL to your xmlrpc.php file
out_time : The time you want the post to appear based on GMT, oh and if you chnage the time you get multiple posts like I did
out_blog_id :
out_cat_id : The category you want to posts to appear in, however as I mentioned it does not seem to be recognised.

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