Well then end of another interesting week. I have not had a chance to blog everything that I have been doing in the last couple of weeks, just too many exciting things. In summary, in reverse order:-

  • Been following Web 2.0 on Feedster, some very cool stuff coming out.
  • Playing with IPodder (all I need now is an IPod) and GmailFS
  • Thursday as a waste, I spent 6 hours installing and uninstalling software to try and get Infragistics‘s NetAdvantage product going. Only for find a bug with W2K running .Net framework 1.1. now the decision, do I rebuild my laptop to XP or not?
  • Spent several hours researching some very cool new workplace technologies, you might see them in a new version of EmployeeConnect
  • In the process of organising the parent & teachers end of year dinner at my Son’s school.
  • Had a wonderful long weekend

So until next time, cya!

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