Social media strategy webinar

Recruiter DailyThe folks at Recruiter Daily have asked me to do a short webinar for their readers about social media and recruitment called “Plan your social media strategy – connect, attract and recruit“. The event will be 11am September 17 and you can register online now, even if you can’t make the live event the presentation will be available.

So what will I cover?

This online tutorial, brought to you by Recruiter Daily and social media expert Michael Specht, separates the trash from the truth. You will gain a better understanding of social networking – the positives and the pitfalls – and learn how to:

  • apply the four Cs of social media – collaboration, content, connection and conversation;
  • use social media in the five phases of recruitment;
  • move from a reactive model to proactively engaging in social media;
  • measure your social recruiting success with meaningful metrics.

It should be an interesting session if I do say so myself.

If you can’t get to the session on the 17th, I will be in Canberra on the 18th at RecruitTech talking about social media in the workplace, if you can’t do either then be in Melbourne 3rd December for the combined ATC and Inspecht one day event on social media and recruitment.

(Just quietly between us I hate the term social media expert.)

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