Job referral survey

At the beginning of last month I ran a short survey to find out how job referrals where being used within Australia. The results are now available for download.

So what did the survey say?

Well in summary it confirmed several facts. First, referrals are big business with 87% of respondents being referred a job and over 85% having referred a job. But not all referrals result in a job placement with 40% of respondents finding their current jobs via a non-recruiter referral. The final interesting piece of the survey was that the biggest barrier to referring someone a job was the risk to their reputation if the person did not work out.

2 thoughts on “Job referral survey

  1. Michael,
    I’m concerned about the tiny sample size of your survey – I don’t really see how 62 people can be representative of the IT, Banking & Financial Services, HR & Recruitment, Government sectors.

    How was the survey conducted?

  2. Kevin missed your comment there. Yes the sample size is small so it is not a full representation of the complete industry. However the results align with several other larger surveys that have been conducted over the years. I am looking to have the survey done again and try to encourage a large audience.

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