2.2 million working Australians are unhappy

Well that’s the number if you believe some new research that was released by Galaxy Research on Thursday last week to support the deployment of a new Chandler Macleod tool called CMyPeople. That and over 50% of us “falling” into our current careers. Actually the research and tool are quite important.

The research was released via a press release emailed out, I have been looking for a link on the web but nope can’t find one.

So what is this fancy tool? From the web site:

Discover a person’s true potential in as little as an hour. Through an online competency assessment, our unique system maps people and jobs against the same competency framework, using one common language.

The profiles are stored in an on-demand database, allowing organisations to attract, recruit, develop, promote and retain the right people every time, across the entire organisation.

The common language referred too is based on the government’s Employability Skills Profiler (ESP), which includes a Humm-Wadsworth temperament scale and other attributes to assess job seekers against 36 different competencies. Helping them determine their best career.

The tool has been rolled out to job centres across Australia with initial usage positive, validated via independent research showing an increase in placements of job seekers by 61%.

Job seekers go through either a 20 minute or a 90 minute assessment as part of the program. You can have a mini-assessment via the cmyself process. Apparently I have:

… an abundance of sociability and energy, generally coupled with a competitive outlook, apparent self-confidence, impatience to make things happen and, unless there is a very sound level of self management, they can become argumentative when challenged, vigorously defending their point of view and not always operating on a purely factual basis.

The result being:

This style is attracted to team leadership situations and/or the opportunity to be of benefit to others in a controlling role. Therefore, they should enjoy roles that enable them to coach or manage people or the helping professions such as:

Professional Roles:
Sales Manager; Coach; Medical Professional (Doctor, dentist, etc.); Club Manager;

Skilled Roles:
Sports Trainer; Travel Consultant; Human Resource Officer

Overall a great initiative, hopefully it will continue to have positive returns.

A couple of side notes. If you go to cmypeople.com.au you still send up at the old ESP site, oops. UPDATE: This has been fixed. I received a call from Roger Christie from Sefiani Communications Group saying they had read this blog post and addressed the issue. Also they offered for me to go into Chandler Macleod to complete the full survey before the official release. Great work Roger! There is also an article on News.com.au but it is really nothing more that a revamp of the press release.

2 thoughts on “2.2 million working Australians are unhappy

  1. “…allowing organisations to attract, recruit, develop, promote and retain the right people every time, across the entire organisation.”

    At last, the silver bullet every employer in the world is looking for 😉

    I’m glad I found this bit;

    “Your natural choices are challenged and the test is not meant to feel comfortable or easy to decide.”

    because I don’t think there was a single set of descriptors that I agreed with. I felt like every time I was choosing at set of words which was the least wrong rather than the most correct!

    If only I could live up to the result …

    “This is a shrewd, affable and generally charming individual, but with tremendous energy and drive for personal success and a creative turn of mind to help them achieve the positions of power and authority they seek.”

    Can’t imagine going through 90 questions!

  2. Thanks for the links to the cmyself process – it tells me exactly what I already know 🙂

    Now, if only I could figure out how to get a job at either being a Creative Marketing Consultant; Actor or Media Announcer.

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