NotchUp up’s their features

I received an email yesterday from the folks at NotchUp that they had released some new features.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest feature, the NotchUp resume/profile importer. With it, you can have a NotchUp profile created for you in just seconds – just upload your resume or LinkedIn profile, and we’ll instantaneously turn it into a NotchUp profile for you.

We accept most file formats, so if you have a resume in MS Word, PDF, txt, or HTML format, or a LinkedIn profile, you’re good to go.

We’ve also integrated with Plaxo, meaning it’s easier than ever to share NotchUp with your friends. You can now invite your friends from LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Plaxo, Outlook and AOL to join you on NotchUp with just a couple clicks. Just a reminder – for any friend you invite, we give you a bonus equal to 10% for what they make on every interview they do for one year.

Always a sucker for new features I thought great let’s go check them out.

Firstly the LinkedIn integration that you can now upload the PDF profile that is created by LinkedIn. There are also instructions on how to export your contacts from LinkedIn into NotchUp, via CSV. The process interprets the PDF from LinkedIn and updates your NotchUp profile, but making users go through a multi-step process is not the best approach.

I went through the process and the result was ok, not perfect, it messed up the order of my current role. Now given LinkedIn has a series of APIs I would have thought the integration could of been a little better, maybe this is in version 2? I also tried uploading my standard MS-Word resume, which again did a reasonable job but messed up my speaking and writing activities and made them jobs?

The pure Plaxo integration is a little better and semi-automated, but relies on you already having all of your contacts in Plaxo. I tested loading my contacts but was then unable to test the other services as Plaxo assumed from then on that all of my contacts were in Plaxo. Which is a Plaxo issue more than a NotchUp issue.

Overall a nice set of new features, some could have been a little more comprehensive but in time they might be. I guess my biggest issue is we are still forcing users to move their data between systems instead of using provided APIs. Again I know this is not a NotchUp issue but more an industry issue.

A final thought I wonder how many people are actually getting paid via Notchup for interviews?

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