Zoho launches Zoho People for the SME market

A couple of days ago SaaS vendor Zoho launched their latest product Zoho People, designed for small to medium sized organisations. The product has 5 modules up front:-

    Organization Module:
This module is used to define the structure of your organization including departments, designations/titles and also the Org Chart.

Recruitment Module:
The Recruitment module eases the hiring process in an organization. It automates the steps involved between searching a candidate from resume database to hiring him an employee. This module also lets managers raise job requirements and admins post openings on the website.

Forms Module:
The Forms module has a set of pre-created forms (mini-applications) for common tasks in an organization like filing expense reports, reporting leave etc. With Zoho Creator integration, this module lets admins create new forms or customize existing forms and make them available to all employees.

Checklist Module:
This module lets admin automate business processes and define the flow based on conditions. Tasks can automatically be assigned to users or groups based on defined flow.

Self Service Module:
This module acts as a self-service module for Employees and Managers. All the employees have access to this module. Managers can define job openings and organize their team structure. Employees can submit information to the HR department using the forms defined by the HR team (like submitting an Expense Report or informing about a leave etc).

Roles and Permissions :
This module is used by admin to define fine grained access for different roles based on permissions – which drill down to field level, action level and form level.

The product is free for less than 10 users and will require a monthly fee (approx $50pa/employee and $50/admin) for larger organisations. You can take an high level review of the product on the Screenshot tour or on the video tour.

The UI looks very clean and reasonable easy to use, however it was still easy to get lost in setting up my account. Zoho have packed a good number of entry level features in to the product which will definitely get HR managers to consider the product. In fact many of these features are included in any phase 1 HRIS deployment. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to cover the full product at this stage to determine the real depth or the flexibility of modules such as recruitment. However with the inclusion of Zoho Creator and the Checklist module organisations should be able to build out any missing the functionality.

Zoho claims the product has zero installation, while this is correct from a technical point of view, the implementation/deployment still needs to be executed. Any HRIS consultant will tell you it is in the implementation is where HRIS projects fail, not that the products features are lacking.

Overall a very interesting development in the HRIS SME marketplace and I would agree with other commentators, organisations like WorkDay, Taleo, SuccessFactors etc need to keep en eye on what is happening with Zoho People. Yes I know those others are focused on the larger end of town but the midpoint is where the real battle could be played out.

Another thought. I could see consulting opportunities here to help implement Zoho People in to SME organisations.

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  1. Of cause, Zoho needs no installation, just like hundreds of other Web-based tools. That’s te best part of being on-line all the time! You can use your data anytime, from any computer. On the other hand, Zoho tends to be expencive for really small businesses, just like mine. I get the same, if not better functionality with Wrike.com – my project management software, which is costs me something like $3,99 per month.

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