Concerned about layoffs?

With the markets still a bit rocky more and more people are concerned about layoffs, and quite rightly so. A month ago I posted about Robert Scoble’s 17 Tips for Job Seekers, today I have some more tips for you.

HR World has 16 tips on how to make the best of a bad thing:-

1. Keep your emotions in check.
2. Listen carefully as severance benefits are explained.
3. Ask about references.
4. Make sure that you collect all of your personal things.
5. Go home and grieve for a few days.
6. Don’t blame yourself.
7. Commit to the change.
8. Make concrete plans.
9. Apply for government unemployment benefits.
10. Keep to a schedule. Get up at the same time as you did when you had a job.
11. Take advantage of outplacement services, if they are offered.
12. Get out of the house.
13. Polish up your résumé.
14. Take stock of your contacts.
15. Update or create your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
16. Revise your household budget.

2 thoughts on “Concerned about layoffs?

  1. Also remove any incriminating evidence off the Internets – photos, videos, comments … if prospective employers Google you, what will they find? 🙂

  2. Well it’s probably too late given Google’s great cache ;-).

    But yes remembering your online brand might impact your job seeking prospects.

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