Enterprise Search

For me one of the keys to being a productive knowledge worker is having access to the right information at the right time. This gets even more important as workers begin to self-publish, basically share their knowledge, behind the firewall using blogs, wikis, forums etc. A organisation needs to leverage this data to turn it into information and subsequently knowledge, this can only be done if others can find the data.

Enter enterprise search, which finally is becoming a hot topic. Sadly many organisations lack decent enterprise search tools, which is very concerning and limits their ability to compete.

Google announced an interesting addition to their search offering on Friday, the ability to integrate both internal and external search result.

Related Web Results allows users to see public search results from a Custom Search Business Edition right next to their Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search results. This could be useful when searching for information that would also exist in public discussion groups, forums, or external blogs as shown in the picture below:

This new feature is available to Google Mini or Google Search Appliance owners and downloadable from Google Enterprise Labs.

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