Felt like blogging, but the feeling passed

It is interesting the change Twitter has made to my mindset on blogging. I basically I think of something, think can I express the idea or even a portion of the idea in 140 characters. If yes it goes to Twitter, otherwise I turn to the blog.  Once I get to the blog I find the whole medium difficult to come to terms with.

Not sure why, but blogging feels all formal now.

So many people seem to be focused on the With vs Because of blogging. It seems more people want to make money with blogging vs making money because of their blog.

Just a thought that didn’t fit in 140 characters.

(Oh also the fun of Facebook seems to be reducing, by 2008 there will be something else new.)

2 thoughts on “Felt like blogging, but the feeling passed

  1. Jason, it’s all about what is a blog. From my perspective blogs are about opinion, commentary, communication and engagement, basically a way to have a conversation with a group of people. Not a tool to make money from. Yes you can make money because of your blog, advertising, speaking, consulting etc but this (in my mind) should not be why you start a blog.

    Blogging just to make money doesn’t sit right with me. Blogging to have a conversation does, oh and if you make some money all the better as you put the time in.

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