How important is user experience?

Very! Critical!

I have always believed that user experience is one of the most critical aspects to all products and services, include software. Which is why when I purchased my Gapingvoid cards a couple of weeks ago I picked this design.

A positive user experience makes not only initial deployment but also ongoing support of an application easier. In summary benefits of a positive user experience are:

  • Less training
  • Less resistance to using new tools
  • Less ongoing support
  • Happy users, managers, executives, support teams and project teams

As if we needed further that the user experience matters the CedarCrestone 2007–2008 HR Systems Survey, 10th Annual Edition found that organisations that took the time to improve end user experience actually had a higher operating income growth over ones that did not. Only 22.5% of survey respondents had specific plans to improve the user experience within their HR application environment. I suspect there is no direct link between the two but it further highlights that organisations who are thought leaders in their HR practices have higher revenues.

Bottom line user experience matters!

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