Getting me to help you recruit

Using LinkedIn for recruiting is not a new idea, actually using any social network software for recruiting is not new either. But I wonder what the success rate is? I suspect low.

I have received lots of notes over the last few years from recruiters wanting to connect or looking for applicants, most I ignore.

Today is a little different as I received a note, not a connection request, from a recruiter that I am actually responding to.

Why? Because of the approach.

  • First it was targeted, they are looking for a “Director of Technology, Human Resources”, which was the subject line and immediately got my interest.
  • Second the first words were “Please excuse the intrusion”, an acknowledgment that they were taking time out of my day.
  • They went on to give a quick background of the job in 2 sentences, then stated why they contacted me, cause of my background essentially sucking up.
  • In the end an offer to send me the briefing document to forward to possible interested parties and then thanked me again for my time.

Personally I find that this approach works well both in email and over the phone, more than likely I will bite. The steps are simple:-

  1. Acknowledge that you are taking time out of my day
  2. Make it relevant, the more targeted the contact the higher the chance of success
  3. Flattery gets you everywhere
  4. Accept if I don’t reply it is that the contact is not relevant enough or I am just too busy

The opposite, trying to randomly connect in the network, a “hey can you help?” or “are you available?” note, just does not work.

One thought on “Getting me to help you recruit

  1. Michael,

    That has been the classic ‘old school’ headhunt approach for as long as I can remember. Except it used to be done on the phone, prefaced with something like “a respected industry contact suggested I call you”.


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