What has happened in the past few months

Long time readers will know that this blog has been a bit of a waste land for a while now. I felt it was about time I informed you as to what has been going on.

Over the last little while my 13 year marriage has fallen apart and just under 3 months ago we separated. Long complex story that I won’t go into, but obviously this has meant I have been spending time on other things.

Add to the situation a significant increase in work volume from my day to day job the blog has been neglected.

In the short term, I cannot promise things will change, but they will in the longer term. I am helping the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) rewrite their Professional Diploma of Human Resources, specifically a topic on HRIS and metrics. I need to complete the work by the end of October on top of everything else, busy busy. I suspect it will focus my thoughts back on HR, management and technology generating new content, which could end up here. Time will tell if this is the case.

4 thoughts on “What has happened in the past few months

  1. Mike sorry to hear about your marriage. I know that you have young children (at least one) and that makes it much harder. Although, I read in MacLean’s, a popular Canadian news magazine, that in the not so distant future, the three marriage format over the course of an adult life will be quite standard.

    If you think people might miss your occasional postings on specht.com you are free to cross post to http://www.Recruitingbloggers.com if you like.

    Regards, The Recruiting Animal

  2. Thanks for the support Animal, yes got a boy although he is not too young, 10. A 3 marriage format over a life time interesting, didn’t a German politician get the sack recently over similar suggestions.

    I plan to post more frequently, and might be doing more things if I can get a couple of things to line up nicely.

  3. Hmmm – I guessed right – sorry to hear; failed relationships (especially involving kids) are never fun. Hope all three of you can flourish despite that.

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