DOD’s payroll replacement project

It was about 10 years ago I first heard of the PMKeyS project at Australian Department of Defence. At the time it was one of the large PeopleSoft implementations in the world, and the largest in Australia (if not in the top 3 I can’t remember). Anyway, I read today that they are in the process of replacing the system, both Oracle and SAP have been invited to tender, makes sense.

But the whole process is being held up by the search for a new CIO.

Executives close to the department’s chief information officer group have suggested the department will “almost certainly” miss internal project targets because of its prolonged search for a new chief information officer.

PMKeyS is one of the most important business software projects on the department’s plate, as it affects many aspects of its operations and has major implications for its ability to manage troop readiness.

I will be watching this play out for two reasons. First there is irony that recruitment is holding up the decision on a new HR system. Second who wins the deal as that will put even more pressure on contractor rates in the Australian market.

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