Lost my readers?

I have noticed a very interesting occurrence since my blog died, well actually the hosting provider disappeared, my readers seem to have disappeared as well. Not sure if it is a timing thing, an issue with the feed, if my Googlejuice has dried up, the stars are out of alignment or if was something I said.

Hopefully it is a timing thing and/or alignment issue with the stars and people will come back.

3 thoughts on “Lost my readers?

  1. I never went away, but the one feed I’ve saved in my feedreader on “Doing One More Thing” keeps repeating on me as a new feed!

    Time for a Productivity Show interview, to bring your readers back!


  2. Tony you are not the only one saying the feed is borked, which feed do you subscribe to directly or through feedburner??

    As for the interview, I’m up for it let’s talk!

  3. You’ve got a Google pagerank of 3 and that aint great. MarketLeap link saturation checker has you with just 72 Google links indexed but over 5000 Microsoft search links and 3000 Yahoo search links. Looks like Google hasn’t found all your archives yet.

    I use Google Reader and your RSS feed kept working just fine.

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