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For the first time in a few weeks I checked how many of you were actually subscribed to this blog.
I was also wondering has the recent inclusion in Google Reader statistics increased the number of reported readers, assuming it will not decrease them.  The numbers have jumped up by 23%!  The break down of RSS readers use is:-

  • Bloglines 29%
  • Google Reader 23%
  • Newgator Online 13%
  • Rojo 8%
  • My Yahoo 7%
  • Not reported 2%
  • Others 17%

Shows me that web based readers are still the most popular method of consuming feeds.  When will Google pass Bloglines as the primary tool used?

4 thoughts on “Feed stat’s

  1. Michael,

    It was you who suggested we add RSS feeds to the Jobs in HR web site, which we did about a year ago (?). We publish our feeds through Feedburner, again on your suggestion, but through Feedburner, we also found Feedbitz, so we re-pubish our RSS feeds as daily and weekly email feeds through Feedblitz.

    About 1250 people have subscribed to our RSS feeds (in addition to the 6500 that already get our weekly email bulletin), however 98% of these people choose to get the information via Feedblitz, in other words by email.

    This suggests that RSS has a long way to go to reach a reasonable level of acceptance in corporate Australia, (which is where the bulk of our audience is from).

  2. Sorry, I meant to say that your increase in subscribers may in part also be attributable to the production release of IE7 which subtly introduces the masses to RSS.

  3. Interesting statistics Kevin it would certainly indicate you are right around the acceptance in Australia Australia. Ben Barren (http://benbarren.blogspot.com) has been lamenting the slow take up of these new fang dangled technologies in Australia as well. Ben now feels Australia might be 3-5 years behind the others, when before he was touting 2-3.

  4. Michael, I believe Australians are regarded as early adopters of new technology, especially when it comes to communications technology.

    I think if you conducted a broad survey of corporate US, UK and Australia, and excluded the the software and web development industries, you would find RSS uptake is at similary low levels in each country.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think RSS is brilliant, but I also think it’s going to take a long time before the majority of people even know what it is.

    Is there an RSS reader in Outlook 2007? – that could make a big difference, providing it’s not buried in the product where no one will find it. It would help if it’s compatible with earlier pre RSS 2.0 standards, but seeing what they have done with IE 7, that’s unlikely.

    With respect to the blog you mentioned, – don’t believe everything you hear from “Unemployed Blog Searchers” 🙂

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