Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo

I am amazed at how cool job sites have become in the last few months, it seems you are not part of the in crowd unless you have a job site!  I have been wondering what the benefit is to the job seeker having to go to all of these sites to find a job.  I know the idea is not that they go there specifically but they happen to see a job while on the affiliate site, but really does it work?  For me this model only works for a couple of very high profile sites, Arrington.
Chris Pirillo (who seems to be thinking like me), provides a good run down of what is wrong with affiliate programs with his post Job Search Affiliate Programs :-

Job search / job listings are a commodity – to an extreme degree. I could plug anybody’s URL for a year and maybe eke out one new customer and make a few bucks in affiliate revenue. These things simply DO NOT WORK without a hook, and hooks do not apply if everybody’s given the same set of tools. This is one of the reasons why having an API is a great start – but don’t leave those of us without extra developer cycles hanging.

He then provides the job seeker an alternative:-

You can generate RSS job searches through a single TagJag OPML pull: (obviously, you’d want to replace the word ‘keyword’ with your own search term. I think I’ve uncovered just about every job search site that outputs RSS for search queries (if I’m missing any, please let me know).

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