What jobs were hard to fill in January?

A couple of days ago I received the Seek Employment Index report for January 2007, a good read if you are a recruiter or job seeker.

First up the Seek Employment Index rose by 1 pont, non adjusted, not bad. Which is interesting given that job ads actually decresed by 3.7% since December??? With NSW and Queensland having the biggest falls. The year on year figures increases by 18.9% which is a positive sign.

Now the fun part. Which jobs were hard to fill and which were the most competitive.

Hard to Fill

  1. Legal (Solicitor)
  2. Healthcare & Medical (Radiology/Sonography)
  3. Healthcare & Medical (Nursing/Midwives)
  4. Insurance & Superannuation (Broking)
  5. Construction (Estimating)

Most Competitive

  1. Transport & Logistics (Freight Forwarding)
  2. Call Centre/Cust. Service (Call Centre Operator)
  3. Manufacturing/Operations (Process Workers)
  4. Hospitality & Tourism (Kitchen/Sandwich Hand)
  5. Retail & Consumer Prods. (Retail: Sales Assistant)

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