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I have been ignoring the HR blogosphere for the last couple of months, partially by accident and partially on purpose. In the last couple of days I noticed that the 2006 Best Recruiting Blog awards are on, strangely enough I am not nominated this year but I think I know why :-).

Anyway enough about me and onto the awards. This year the categories are gone and you get to choose your top 5 blogs and then the overall winner will be selected by an esteemed group of judges, Michael Keleman, Jim Durbin, Heather Hamilton, Joel Cheesman, David Manaster, Harry Joiner and of course Jason Davis.

Looking through the nominations myself I see some of the best blogs out there on HR and recruiting, which is a testament to the owners of the blogs and to Jason for pulling this all together.

Unfortunately as is seeming to happen a lot within blogs these days commercial interests seem to taking over and detracting from the content. But it seems people have been spamming each other trying to solicit votes in these awards! Luckily I have not been on the receiving end of these emails, or maybe I have but don’t realize as I tend to delete if I don’t know the send or like the first sentence.
What do people hope to achieve by being named Best Recruiting Blog 2006? Will the fame provide them with inspiration for better content, or peer recognition?

Or is it just more traffic, more speaking engagements, higher consulting fees and just a plan grab for dollars? I feel for Jason and his team as I am sure this is not what they anticipated.

I am not say people should not post to say that they have been nominated and to get your readers to vote. But in any popularity contest the people with the biggest mailing lists win, which is why having the judges is a great idea.

4 thoughts on “Voting in the Awards

  1. Hey Michael. Thanks for writing about this. I was surprissed as well that your blog was not nominated. There are actually quite a few that were not that I thought would be. Like last year, people could nominate their own blog so this took care of it to a point. Anyways. thanks again

  2. Jason, actually I am not sure surprised as over the last year my content has been primarily non-HR and recruiting related.

    Good luck with the awards and I hope the spamming for votes does get too out of control.

  3. Michael: I must be out of it. Now that the holidays are approaching, I’m having a bit more time to get caught up on my reading. I honestly didn’t even know the awards were happening again, nor did I know that nominations had taken place. (even though I was apparently nominated, I never recieved notification and only happened to stop by the talentism and this site).

    If I knew, you’d be among my first 3 nominations. I consider this site to be one of the original HR sites – and I do mean HR, not recruiting. Combined with your contributions to the HR blogosphere at, you always deserve some recognition!!!


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