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I have been listening to podcasts since early November 2004, the first Australian Podcast I found was G’Day World.  Yesterday while driving home I was listening to Accident Hash 175 with my son and CC Chapman made a comment such as “anyone can get into podcasting”.  My son looked at me a said “Can they?  Don’t you need to ask the government first?”, he just assumed that the government controlled everything (that is a total different story).  My answer was no, anyone can record a podcast and put it on the internet.

After a bit more discussion he asked, is it hard?  My answer, no most podcasts are created in living rooms and studies in people homes.  He was completely taken back, and said “Even Accident Hash and the Cranky Middle Manager?” (Cranky Middle Manager is his all time favourite podcast, yes Wayne even kids dig your show.) Yes they are!  What came out of his mouth next was quite a surprise.

“Well I am going to create my own podcast, will you help me?”

How could I say no.

We chatted a bit more on the way home.  He was set as soon as we got home he wanted to start recording and getting straight into it.

Once home we spent a bit of time going through the different pieces needed, microphone, recording software, place to host, ideas, and music.  While he went about getting his ideas together I got the pieces together on the PC.  So using Audacity, a $20, Altec headset we started recording.  Once part way through I asked him what we would call the show, “BJs Show” was the answer.

When my wife came home he explained what we were up to and proudly said “mum I am serious about this, I plan to create an episode once a week”.

A bit more work, we had registered the domain, installed WordPress, sources some music from the Podsafe Music Network.  Mixed it all together and after about 4 hours work from start to finish he has a podcast!

Ok it is not the best quality and will not win any production awards but he did it, with a bit of help.  Having said that here is the link to BJ’s Show #1!

5 thoughts on “A podcast with my son

  1. Yes, if anyone is proof that any danged fool can do a podcast it’s me over at The Cranky Middle Manager Show. How old is your son?

    I’m happy to have been part of the discussion. Podcasting is a pure form of expression with lower barriers to entry and wider potential reach than almost anything else. Ain’t the world a grand place?

    Congrats on raising a kid wtih chutzpa and incredibly good taste in programming..

  2. He is almost 8 going on 9 (or in his mind 19)!

    We have asked him if he understand the show, his answer is “yes, they talk about business and managing people sometime I just get it though”.

    You are right podcasting is fantastic in that it allows anyone to express themselves. Just like the rest of the citzen media blogging, photo publishing etc.

  3. Now, THIS is the type of message that completely makes my day! I can’t listen at the moment but you can be sure that I’m going to be very soon!

    Have your son send in a promo. I NEED to play it now! *grin*

    Best of luck and make sure you warn him how addictive it is.

  4. I will speak with him about a promo, thanks for the offer. If he gets really into this I will need to get some extra equipment so the sound quality is a little more consistent.

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