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Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with the different social bookmarking/news sites, specifically Digg, Reddit, Netscape and to a lesser extend Newsvine. The strange thing is I am finding them quite addictive.

A quick backgrounder if you are unfamiliar with these services. Essentially users submit stories, other users vote and comment, the stories with the most votes rise to the top and the result is twofold. Sites with stories on the front page tend to get LOTS of traffic and secondly stories on the front page reflect the “wisdom of the crowd” or in some cases shows the lack of wisdom.

I have previously posted about the Careers & Job channel on the Netscape site highlighting the poor quality of the content. However after playing with the different sites I figured out why the content was so poor. The reason the community was not participating, so I have started to participate! I am not sure the content is much better but at least I can say I have done my bit. Oh and one of my submitted stories has ended up as a top pick on the Netscape front page, pity it wasn’t back to this site.

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2 thoughts on “Social bookmarking and news

  1. Hey Michael, I’m happy to see that you have decided to participate at Netscape. If you ever have any problems or concerns, please feel free to ping me.

    Netscape Navigator: msaleem

  2. Muhammad that for the offer of support. I go in waves adding content to the site, based mainly on workload.

    I do have a question have the performance of Netscape around the time it can take for stories to appear and the assocaited RSS feeds seems to always be very slow in catching up.

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