Are you one of the cool kids?

Hey you heard of coComment? A cool tool that allows you to stay in the conversation even on blogs that don’t allow you to subscribe to comments via email (like mine). At a basic level you can track your comments left across the blogosphere so you don’t forget to follow up on the conversation.
Initially coComment launched with a bit of a splash but you had to be an A-list uber-geek to get involved, invitation only a bit like Gmail in 2004. Now anyone can register for the tool that has been called “a gift from the blogging gods” and they have just released a bunch of new features that really rock!

Breaking the service down it is quite simple:-

  1. Register
  2. Setup your browser (Firefox has the best support)
  3. Comment
  4. Track them on your personal coComment page

The tool works seamlessly with Firefox and requires no user input to track your comments. You can also tag your comments (is there anything you can’t tag these days?), even track conversations without commenting! Back on the coComment site you can look at who else is commenting on similar articles, most commented articles, top commenters etc.

Highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Are you one of the cool kids?

  1. And thank you for the link Easton. One of the biggest issues I have had with blog comments it the lack of a true conversation. I have email subscription running on this site which works to a point but it does not bring together all of the comments I leave on other blogs. CoComment does this!

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