TV Ads by Seek

Australian job board Seek has recently released 3 new ad for TV, you can view them online at a special site call Make Luck Happen (the tag line of the ads). The ads are also available on Google Video and I found one on YouTube, although in an emailing discussion with Leigh Hanney from Seek they all should be on YouTube soon.

Here is the Dictation 60 sec ad:-

Update:- I seem to be having a style issue with the embedded YouTube player.

It seems to be a trend for job boards to create TV ads and then place them on the internet, here is the ad.

3 thoughts on “TV Ads by Seek

  1. I was wondering if you know where i could find a copy of the ‘Seek and you shall find’ ad?

  2. i think i am looking for the same song, it is a classical track that is appegiated and scales upwords, very motivating tune, is it kronos quartet? I heard it on a mozart greatest hits cd aswell so im confused as to what song it is called… please get back to me ASAP thankyou

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