What a day!

Well today is 23 June, an important day in history for two reasons.

Firstly it is my blogoversary!  23 June 2004 I typed up my first post on Blogger.  I decided on Blogger after failing to get MoveableType up and running after a couple of weeks of trying.  I suspect it was me not the tool!  Eventually I bought my own domain and settled on WordPress. Why did I start blogging?  Really just to document my thoughts, although I did have grand plans for using the blog as the basis for research and maybe a book.  Not sure the book idea will ever get up, but you never know.
Second reason the day is important.  Australia advanced to the second round of the World Cup.  We had a small gathering in the office to watch the match on the big screen.  The room erupted when Harry Kewel scored our second goal to draw 2 -2 with Croatia.  Next game is now against Italy.

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