Getting noticed in the HR blogosphere

A couple of weeks ago there was a big discussion on link-swapping over at that caused all manner of conversations to break out. I also got into the conversation by letting everyone know about an aggregation come directory of HR blogs that I have found or been submitted.
The communities resident SEO expert, Joel Cheesman, seemed to finish up the conversation saying :-

If you want to start ranking well in search engines, your time is better spent creating quality, remarkable content than it is playing verbal tennis and link swapping.

While Joel is right it does not help new bloggers get noticed, regardless of their topic. So what is a new blogger to do to get noticed?

My suggestion, head over to ProBlogger and check out Darren’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog series. Darren is a full time blogger who is more than qualified to give advice on building a better blog.

You could also drop me a note and I will add you to or use the Submit site form.

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