ZoomIn to Australian Social Mapping Software

Here is a really really cool new tool, ZoomIn, thanks to Cam & Rich from G’Day World for the pointer. ZoomIn is an Australian mapping solution that is mashed up with social networking and a photo sharing site. Users can create places, upload photos and add comments.
The mapping software is very good, personally I find it better than whereis I am planning on using it from now on.

Some thoughts on usage:-

  • Cool places to eat and drink
  • Pictures and places for tourists to visit
  • An Australian version of the New York Google Maps junk collection mashup GarbageScout (background info here, here)
  • Information about your local area
  • Online neighbourhood watch
  • Some smart cookie might even look at using it as a dating site

The list goes on, if you are in Australia have a look at the tool.

A couple of suggestions include RSS feeds of places or photo tags, and maybe allow users to enter the URL of a photo instead of having to upload it, or being able to email in photos with the address as the subject.

2 thoughts on “ZoomIn to Australian Social Mapping Software

  1. Great to see John. I feel RSS is a major factor for ZoomIn to gain traction in the marketplace. Also how about a mobile version that allows users to participate while on the move.

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