Link to me I have a blog!

I noticed today that Linkme has launched a blog, or blogs as they like to refer to it.  Good to see another Australian HR-related blog in the marketplace.

(Free tip 1:- Linkme, it is really not a blog without RSS feeds)

(Free tip 2:- It is called a blog and it contains posts, a post is not a blog, SAP seems to have the same problem)

4 thoughts on “Link to me I have a blog!

  1. Hey thanks for the feedback!

    Its funny how that error came about. I half-started writing the reason, when I thought, oops this may get me in trouble.

    So, let me just assure you that we won’t make the same mistake twice. We are in the process of changing the blogs 😉 (I said “blogs” on purpose).

    When we do, we will take your tips and make the necessary adjustments.

    Hey, on another note. Does anyone want to take part in our early adopters review? When we change our blog, you will receive an e-mail and you can give us this sort of feedback?

    If you are interested simply e-mail us at:

    and say:

    “I want to be an early adopter of any major releases to your blog.”

    Include your phone number and we may just call you and you can help with a usability test or simply give us a review on what we’ve done before it goes live.

    Thanks for the tips again.

    -clandestine LinkMe employee-

  2. Hello there Michael

    Thank you for registering to our early adopters program.

    I got your e-mail a little late as at the time I replied to your blog I hadn’t ran the idea of an early adopter’s program past my boss Paul T. No doubt you got an e-mail from him.

    So our blog is out and if you have an account with us you have a blog waiting to be used.

    It is the first version of the blog, but I am curious to see its uptake and how people will be using it.

    In six to eight weeks we will be releasing some new functionality to help people find work and I will definitely get in touch with you again.


    Ricardo Escalon
    Business Analyst

  3. Ricardo, thanks for the invite. I have been playing with your new blogging tool and play to document my thoughts over the next couple of days.

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