Australian Online Media seems to be catching up

In 2004 the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year was blog. In 2005 Oxford University Press selected podcast as the word of the year. It seems now Australia is finally catching on to this web 2.0 thing.

Sandra Hanchard from Hitwise Asia Pacific has published a post on the Weather, Web 2.0 and Wikipedia showing that finally within Australia things are moving along.

While our portals of choice (ninemsn and Yahoo7) both seem to be keeping a large amount of the traffic the news and media category is growing. In particular Digg and Newsvine get a mention (I wonder where tech.memeorandum sits), with Digg increasing its ranking in Australia by over 400% in 4 months.

Blogs have also increased by 178% in the week ending March 18 2006. Finally it seems that Wikipedia is also growing in popularity with a growth of over 500%. This growth is fantastic as it seem Australian’s are finally realising that they do not need to listen to Packer/Murdoch endorsed content all the time.

I wonder how long it will take for more collaborative/community based services/sites to grow into the mainstream in Australia?

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