210 spam comments in 8 hours

Imagine my surprise this morning when I when I logged on to see 210 spam comments waiting for my approval in WordPress! That is one every 3 minutes, probably the time it takes for the script to execute, pick a new IP address etc.

By the look of things it is someone with a very basic script who is trying to advertise pharmaceuticals. I wish they would become more inventive that way at least it would be a challenge, not really ;-).

2 thoughts on “210 spam comments in 8 hours

  1. I’m interested to know what type of spam protection you use (or maybe you don’t want to reveal it). I’ve been lucky, using Akismet, Bad Behavior and Spam Karma (LOVE the Spam Karma)and not one bastard spammer has made it through yet (although it could be that my blog is about unpopular as a blowie at a picnic, who knows?) 🙂

  2. Eve, just the regular WordPress installation with a couple of extra options, nothing really that amazing. (BTW just had another 160 from the same person.)

    Great to see you have joined the blogosphere!

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