How to evangelize HR

Today one of the most popular corporate sports is to dump on HR. In the 90’s the IT department took the heat, while they are not immune to the sport they seem to have risen above HR as a target. Some of fixes we all talk about is “being strategic”, “adding value”, “providing an ROI” and finally “getting a seat at the table”. But what does this really mean?

During the last few days (and nights) I have had several minutes to think about this and other things. I remembered a recent post by the Guy Kawasaki who has taught us how how to sell the dream, how to drive your competition crazy, rules for revolutionaries and now how to start. Guy talks about how to evangelise a product using his DICEE principle and I thought that it could be modified to evangelise HR.

DICEE is about:-
* Deep. A great product is deep.
* Indulgent. A great product is a luxury.
* Complete. A great product is more than a physical thing.
* Elegant. A great product has an elegant user interface.
* Emotive. A great product incites you to action.

Are the products and services provided by HR deep? Do you provide products and services for first level management all the way up to the executive office? Do they understand the different experience levels and needs of managers?

Are the products and services provided by HR indulgent? Are all employees and managers made to feel special when dealing with HR? Or are they treated as a “number” or statistic.

Are the products and services provided by HR complete? Do you offer a complete package of services, or have you stopped with a shared services centre and not worked out the rest of the delivery chain? Do all methods of service delivery interoperate seamlessly together? It is about the user experience.

Are the products and services provided by HR elegant, easy to use, understand and implement? As Guy says ” A great product doesn’t fight you—it enhances you.” Do your products and services enhance your organisation?

Do they generate an emotive response from the organisation?

I suggest that if we reviewed our products and services and how they are delivered to the organisation along the lines of DICEE there would not be so much “HR bashing” within corporations.

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