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  1. “I had trouble getting to the interview stage for even intermediate C++ programmer positions at well over a dozen companies…. Why this is a shock has to do with my credentials as a C++ expert.”

    Yes, shocking that a recruiter would pass on a candidate who was manifestly overqualified for the position he applied for.

    Move along, nothing to see here…

  2. Colin thanks for stopping by.

    While I agree it would be a mistake to hire him for a mid level position when he is an expert. I disagree that there is nothing to see.

    A couple of thoughts on this. I question if the recruiters are actually providing feedback to him to ensure he understands why he is not getting the roles. Secondly Hiring of technical people is a specialised activity and should not be left to an average recruiter, your hiring manager should either be heavily involved (if they are not that is a whole other question) or use a specialised recruiter.

  3. Michael,

    Good points all, and you are absolutly right about the feedback failure.

    What really gnawed at me was the sense of “Do you know who I am?” that came through in that fellow’s post. It may have just been an off day for him but I sensed a lot of arrogance in there, and I wonder if that didn’t come through to at least some of those employers.

    Working in software I’ve run into more than a few technical people who seem to consider “selling themselves” to be beneath them. This isn’t exclusive to techies but the human dynamics of the field make it more prevalent. In many cases they are very capable people, but sorely lacking in human interaction skills.

  4. You are right most of the time geeks, propeller heads, techies etc are a very different breed. As you say many time sorely lacking reasonable human interaction skills. Although this is not reserved just for techies and not all techies fall into this category.

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