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In response to my post on Seek their annual report and the state of the job board market in Australia, Bonita commented about a service called People Online. People Online “was formed as a boutique Australian job search agency established in Adelaide, South Australia in 2004. ” They say they provide a matching service between employers and job seekers online at reasonable rates, welcome

Another new player to the market is the silent Jobs Portal. Jobs Portal took a back page ad in the Sydney Morning Herald during the week between Christmas and New Years. At the time a web site existed at, now there does not seem to be anything there. What stuck struck me was the name, will they be the first vertical search player in the Australian job market? Or will they just be another job board? Of they are a job board I hope they have a remarkable offering to outplace the current major players. Does anyone know about them?

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  1. To the best of my knowledge they are owned by the guys who own Ad Energy :

    They are developing a range of niche job sites for the Australian market and have bought up over 60 domain names ending with (eg, and so on).

    They are rumoured to be about 6 months from launch but that is only “word on the street”.

  2. Interesting information Brett! It would be great if they were going to go into vertical search, bug niche sites it good as well. I will be watching them very closely to see where this goes.

  3. Hi Michael

    Yes we will all see some big moves in the online job market in Australia this year. There are a few players lining up to make their moves and interestingly they don’t seem to be any of the players people are expecting. Not before time either. It has been a few years since we had anything truly innovative to get excited about in the Australian market.
    I think we’ll see MyCareer and CareerOne make some strong inroads into the Seek market share too. MyCareer already have and we can expect more, and CareerOne look like they’re finally stepping up to put some effort into their site.

    You can expect some interesting developments from us at this year too. We won’t be changing the world as you know it but we have been working very hard on products which we believe will offer some great options to the Aussie job market.
    Our blog is on the way too so it will be good to bounce a few ideas off you on that front.

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