Jason is pissed off and so he should be!

Jason Davis from Recruiting.com is pissed off by someone republishing their content without permission. It seems that Cary Darling from International Web Design Consortium is taking content from:-

  • George’s Employment Blawg
  • Recruiting.com
  • The Monster Blog
  • The Occupational Adventure (sm)

and not indicating where the content is coming from, the site is running ads, to obviously make money. The site in question surferdiary.com/careers seems to be running Relink Software’s Autoblogger. AutoBlogger and their other tools for Forum Autoposter seems to just focused on increasing your search engine ranking. Along with spam, link-spam, comments spam, trackback spam, and Splogs these type of people and their tools really piss me off as they make it very hard for people online.

Oh and a tech tip, if you want to link to these types of things and not drive their search engine ranking up use the nofollow tag in your link.

6 thoughts on “Jason is pissed off and so he should be!

  1. It kind of reminds me of my tutors from Uni on the need to reference my work.

    As if plagiarism wasn’t bad enough, its like ripping off the intellectual capitalfrom a blog and making some moolah off it as well! [I wonder if its the issue of adding fuel to ego seeing your stat counter taking hits after hits]

    Come on guys… Give some credit where its due! If you can’t write it yourself, atleast reference it!

  2. Exactly, the point most people want is at least a reference, you know give credit where credit is due.

    Hey the way Srinath welcome to the blogosphere and good luck with your Masters in HRM.

  3. Maybe the folks at companies like adbrite and google who are selling ads to these types of sites need to take some more responsibility. If they are aiding in wrongdul profits…..

  4. Maybe, it is a difficult topic and one that will not go away overnight, just look at the email spam problems. I know there has been lots of discussion in tech circle on this and no realy solution has emerged. To combat some of this, IceRocket has removed blogger blogs from their search results and Google has introduced additional controls to stop automated posting tools. However this still won’t stop people from creating sites on their own domains and post crap.

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