Collaborative Information Technologies

Well last night was the first solo event for the AHRI Victorian HRIS SIG, and it was a success! We have 40 people (for 40 seats) turn up and listen to Glen Rabie from Yellowfin and Lyndal Bradilovic from Corrs Chambers Westgarth provide us with a fascinating look at principles of information collaboration and specifics about Corrs’s recent implementation of a HR/Business Reporting environment.

It was only after I got home last night that I remembered I should of taken some picture of the event and posted them. Maybe next time.

Glen provided some interesting points which tended to go against the traditional thoughts of implementing business intelligence (BI) in an organisation, but made a lot of sense. Ideas such as, start with BI at an operational level first not the executives, even if they have the budget.

Lyndal spoke of their 2 week implementation of the Yellowfin tools! During the implementation of a new HRIS in the organisation they ran into problems with the report writer provided by the vendor, it was no longer supported and was not to be installed! Lyndal now had an HRIS without the ability to get the data out, a real compelling and urgent requirement. She spoke of solving the demarcation around data ownership between Finance and HR and how the initial partnership between the two departments is now paying off as they move into more strategic reporting.

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