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We really need a better method of finding new blogs I want to keep up but find if hard to track new blogs down.

Yes we have Technorati, Feedster, IceRocker, Bloglines, PubSub etc but they just don’t seem to work for me. I want a meta classification environment of blogs, not at post level as someone might post today about learning but that is a one off.

I have created an OPML file of the HR related blogs I have found and I know there are other similar lists out there. SoulSoup has a list of Edublogs, Blogdigger has a similar list. James Famer has 700+ at EduBlogs (we are still awaiting to consolidated OPML listing James) which seems to grow at a daily rate.

The growth in blog numbers is making it very difficult to keep up and I find that the key word services from the above blog search tools are so full of blog spam that they have become unusable.

Do we already have something that I don’t know about?

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  1. just a few words about my tracking tools for new blogs. Nothing very special indeed.

    i made also my opml file for french HR / jobseeking blogs around 400 blogs.

    1) i know the main hosts in france and i google on the domain name, for instance * with some “ad” words
    thanks to the google api, i got the url and i know in a second if it”s already syndicated.

    I run this bot once a month, just in case some blogs would’nt be discovered just in surfing.

    but i do not think it’s a very good idea. I mean when the two or three first hundreds are in the opml.the newcomers are rare now …andi find them before google 🙂

    Are we really prepared to handle huge opml files ? 500 seems really to be the maximum to me.And taking the comments rss would be a good idea, in that case, the file X2.Typepad blogs do not offer this solution directly. feel free to ask for the code to parse comments on typepad blogs, it’s not perfect, but it works in my aggragator.
    Anyway,the comments are too often neglected, and i think it’s sad because the interest of some blogs is more in the comments they generate than in the posts 🙂

    maybe the solution is the solution dmoz based its success upon.

    1) people have to claim their blog.
    and they do it for some reasons .

    2) we have to evaluate the “quality” of the blog, because so many blogs die after a few weeks of erratic posting. Building large files is not so interesting after all 🙂
    i’m sure nearly one blog out of three in my file has less than 5 posts available.

    to sum up, the challenge is to find an interest in claiming your blog on a site where content is valued 🙂

  2. Olivier very true about the quality of blogs. In manually building my file I have excluded any blog that I find if it does not have a post in the last 3 months. I know there are probably some blogs that die after they have been added.

    Comments can be the most exciting portion of a blog and I personally would like to see more integration of comments back into blogs and feeds. I would like to be able to consolidate my comments from all sorts of blogs back into a single interface. I can see some possibilities with the claiming idea, as you said it needs some further thought.

    I would be interested in your code if you don’t mind sharing.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I follow the same 3 months of posting rule too. It seems to me that many people can start a blog, only to abandon it in just a few weeks.

    Therefore, we started a business only blog directory called last month. We have had excellent feedback from the business community because we only accept business blogs (we approve about only a third of what is submitted) and have a spam/ad free atmosphere. BTW- Search isnt post related:)
    So when you have a chance, check us out…and dont forget to submit!

    Best Regards,


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