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Today I moved my RSS reader from Newsgator Online to Pluck a free web based reader for IE and now Firefox. I had been looking to go back to BlogMatrix Jager but I just could not get it to work through the proxies. I must say the interface for Pluck is fantastic it is almost like using Newsgator Outlook Edition just in the browser I am using it on IE at work so I assume the Firefox implementation is similar. The speed of the tool is amazing when compared to Newsgator Online as it combines the best of a browser with the best of a client side application, in fact you are hard pushed to realise when each portion of the interface takes over.

Overall I highly recommend the tool, even after just 4 hours of use. Now I wonder when it will have the comment features we have been talking about…..

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  1. Mike I know that you are more technically savvy than me but I found Pluck online to be very slow and more difficult to use than Newsgator.

    Maybe I have to download the different versions to really experience it?

  2. I installed version 1.0, on high bandwidth connection Newsgator Online is great, the thing I liked about Pluck is the DHTML that is used to control the interface. Newsgator Online has to reload the whole page for every click which means on low bandwidth connections it is slower. I did not set up an account or any of the other options during the installation, maybe that is the reason.

  3. Why you put yourself into this unpredicatable pain.
    Feeddemon already died as a stand alone news reader. Cause it’s gonna be newsgator paid service’s add-on. Newsgator is not a software company. They sell the service. Ridiculously the service is about that you need to pay to see your feeds even when feeds is everywhere these days.
    They bought feeddemon. They ain’t plan to sell the feeddemon software but to kill feeddemon market. It’s like if you wanna use feeddemon after this you are gonna paid for newsgator’s feeds subscibing service. If you won’t paid for it, you won’t see your feeds synchronized anymore.
    This is exactly pain in the ass. They rent the software to you to let you see the feeds you paid for but you can read somewhere else for free?
    Is this logical?
    So if you don’t want to rent the software for ever and never own it, it’s time to leave feeddemon now. It’s soon or later. Cause they don’t even use serial number to activate product anymore. You need to use your paid online newsgator account to activate it. So nick’s post about rethinking is a lie. You don’t have a paid account, you won’t able to activate feeddemon after you subscribition expires. Cause you don’t have a paid newsgator account anymore. If your computer screws up one day, you need to reinstall your whole system including feeddemon but you won’t be able to activate it in that period of time without a paid newsgator online account.
    What you gonna do then? Or other situations similar like this.
    It’s time to screw up feeddemon as a stand alone newsgator for now. Cause its core is rotten now. It’s not a software anymore. It’s a door in the desktop environment you need to pay to pass to see the feeds free everywhere else just like newsgator outlook edition is not a software anymore but a door in the outlook environment you need to pay to pass to see the feeds free everywhere else.
    This is newsgator’s plan: kill you free pass in the desktop via feeddemon to news and rss and free pass in the outlook environment via outlook newsgator addon. Instead they build up two doors for you to rent to pass. At the end, news and rss is not free anymore. You need to pay to see it.
    Feeddemon is dead as a software. It’s a server based appendage like newsgator outlook version, it’s like you need to pay to receive hotmail via outlook. But outlook still allow you to receive other email service like yahoo, feeddemon is newsgator server based only and won’t allow you to use any other service other than newsgator.monopoly.
    It’s time for some other news aggregators to take over the empty space left by feeddemon and newgator in desktop and outlook news aggregator market.
    Here they rise:Greatnews,intraVnews ,blogbot,rssowl,Awasu,Attensa!I don’t believe in subscription-based software.

  4. Michael,

    Glad to see you’re enjoying Pluck. We have some very cool improvements – across the 3 services – coming soon, so be sure to watch for new releases.

    Also, interesting thoughts about comments tagging along in RSS feeds. It’s on my “look into” list for useful new features.


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