Coldplay XY a copy controlled CD

Last week end I purchased Coldplay’s new album XY and I have just gone to import into iTunes and move onto my iPod when I noticed a small note on the front of the CD case.

“Copy Controlled CD”

Not the easiest warning to see, it is in a small dark green font on a very dark blue background. This sucks! 95% of all of my listening is done via my iPod and I cannot easily move the songs on to it. I have listened to the CD once in the car when I bought and now I need to spend sometime time moving through different conversion processes to get it into an MP3 format so I can listen to something that I legally purchased!

So without iTunes in Australia how do I legally listen to ColdPlay XY on my iPod? I can’t. Instead the music industry is pushing us to use illegal avenues to gain access to the music. I guess that will teach me for not listening to more “podsafe” music.

9 thoughts on “Coldplay XY a copy controlled CD

  1. don’t sweat it mate.. that album is sh…t

    hope you’re well… u saw the news of jobster and workzoo?

  2. What a pain. I’ve always been able to copy into iTunes / onto the iPod even if they are protected. Maybe see if it works on a different computer such as a Mac. I can’t believe that this stops the big copiers, just annoys the ones who support the bands. I suppose that’s what the music industry thinks about customer service.

    You can get more information here:

  3. Jorge, yes saw the annoucement trying to determine what it really means. I can understand the move but I found it a bit of a surprise.

    Ryan, I have never had a problem either. I usually check and do not buy albums that are protected I missed this one.

    Andrew, I would love to try on a Mac, I just don’t have one 😦 I wonder if such moves actually impact album sales?

  4. Have you actually tried to import into iTunes and onto your iPod – I bought X&Y last week at Borders in Bris Vegas and no probs importing into iTunes and onto the iPod.

    Generally the ‘copy protected’ cd’s (theres a lot of them out there now; Robbie Williams, Norah Jones, to name just a couple) just incorporate a last song with a LOT of blank space so you can’t burn a copy onto a normal length cdr. You shouldnt have any problems with your iPod though.

  5. If you are using Windows you can get around the protection by holding down the shift key when you insert the CD. You should be able to import the songs in iTunes without problem. You may have to reboot your PC before you do this if you have already inserted the CD.

    I found the same issue with the latest Foo Fighters cd. If you insert it without holding down the shift key, the imported songs will sound like they are skipping.

    Now whether this is legal or not, who can say? Consumers ought to be allowed to make a backup copy of any CD they purchase. The record companies would prefer that you buy the CD and buy the MP3s.

  6. i just bought X&Y but i havent opened it because i noticed the copy control thing. i’m not sure if i should keep the cd or not because i dont know if it will play on my computer or car radio or if i’ll be able to put it onto my ipod. will i be able to save the songs to my computer so i can listen to them while i’m working?

  7. i got it home and went to put it on my ipod and found it didn’t work!! HOW SHIT IS THAT and since thats where i listen to all my music i may as well have thrown it out

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