Frank asks where are all the Biztalker’s?

Here is comes a rant.

Frank Arrigo is asking for all Biztalker’s please contact him about jobs at Microsoft Australia, he is joined by a few others. Pity there is nothing on the Microsoft Australia recruitment blog about this fact. The comments below are not directed personally to the blog but more to use it as an example.

The blog has been going for 7 months and had a total of 32 posts about 1 a week on average, however in the last 3 months they have only managed 5. Now with the fantastic example being set by Gretchen and Heather, not to mention all of the other MS bloggers, I would have expected a bit more, especially considering there are 3 of them. The growth in blogging in the last 7 months has been huge and when they first began to blog I felt a sense of excitement about what they could achieve. Here was a company that globally seems to embrace blogging and we had our very own recruiting bloggers right here in Australia.

If you start a company blog, do not let it fail! This is worse than not starting at all!

I am sure that the situation around BizTalk resources did not appear over night and right now there is probably a far amount of pressure on the recruiters locally to find the resources. Could this have been avoided? Does Microsoft Australia have an retention and attraction strategy? Is it a traditional one or does it really include the emerging trends in recruitment, such as blogs, vertical search, social networks, Jobster etc?

What can be done to solve this problem, besides the basics of recruitment?

  • Ensure all jobs are advertised on the Careers site. A quick review today found 12 jobs at the Microsoft Careers site and 16 on Seek.
  • When you refer candidates from Seek to your corporate site ensure they can match the jobs. The Mid Market Software Asset Management – Engagement Manager role on Seek does not seem to exist at the corporate site, but the candidate is referred there for more information.
  • Contact Jobster and get a campaign going
  • Read the CareerXRoads Job Seeker Survey and implement findings
  • Join LinkedIn and start searching the social networks
  • Actively use existing Microsoft Bloggers to help promote the call further
  • Buy some Google Ad words to drive traffic to your jobs
  • Actively blog to promote a transparent community of longer term possible candidates
  • Promote your jobs, especially hard to find ones, on the blog
  • Contact Joel Chessman and see if you can ensure your jobs or your site are appearing in search results. A query of microsoft and job in the Australian properties of Google, Yahoo and MSN did not turn up the local Microsoft Careers site in the first 20 sites listed.
  • Attend major technology conferences with sales teams to attract passive candidates
  • Talk to the ever expanding HR blogging community about how to generate the content for the blog to promote growth and awareness
  • Read other HR blogs

For all I know they are doing all of the above (well most of them) and still coming up short, however from the investigations I have done it does not look that way.

Not to leave on a purely down note, if you know anyone who is a BizTalk expert, lives in Australia and might be interested in a job (even if they are not looking) get them in contact with Microsoft Australia or send an email to Chris Vidotto at

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