Top Ten Workplace/Workforce Forecasts for 2005

Following on from yesterday’s post on 10 trends for 10 years, today I am looking at workplace/workforce trends for 2005 (via The HR Blog) and yes I know we are half way through but I just found the article. The list comes from The Herman Group who published a similar list for 2004 with very similar trends that did not happen in 2004, a side effect of trying to predict the future.

  1. Employment Market Turbulence
  2. Employment will become a Seller’s Market
  3. More Jobs and Workers will move Globally
  4. Traditional Retirement will Continue its Metamorphosis
  5. Training and education will accelerate
  6. The Leadership Deficit will be Crippling
  7. Flexible Employment will gain Popularity
  8. The Role of Women in work will Transform
  9. Advantage of Strategic Agility
  10. Workers will become More Independent

I feel many of the predictions are a bit ambitious to happen in one year(as has been seen from the 2004 list) and it will more than likely take another 2 – 5 years (if not longer). However as a trend they are spot on and should be seen as a general direction that all employers should be aware of.

One thought on “Top Ten Workplace/Workforce Forecasts for 2005

  1. These trends will be happend in the developed country but not in the developping country, I think, especially in China.

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